Casing Cutter Assy

The casing cutter assembly is used for cutting AW,BW,NW,HW casing or B,N,H,,P rod at any point in a drill hole when the entire string cannot be retrieved.
The unique hydraulic transmission system of the casing cutter assembly applies smooth constant pressure, via a one piece piston assembly, to the two blades, thereby assuring rapid cuts.Each cutting blades are made of the finest grade tungsten carbide.
We designed our casing cutters with fully interchangeable internal components make it convenient for customers.

TypesSize Available
Casing Cutter AssemblyB Rod,N Rod,H Rod,P Rod,
BTW Rod,NTW Rod,
AW Casing,BW Casing,NW Casing,HW Casing

Casing Cutter Assembly