China Mining 2017

2017 China International Mining Expo was held in Tianjing on September 23th. We exhibited the popular BTW,NTW,HTW thin-wall portable series and BOU,NOU tunnel series drilling tools at the exhibition.

In recent years, BTW, NTW and HTW thin-wall series have gradually replaced the conventional Q series drilling tools, becomining the favorite of domestic drilling.

Because of its small size, light weight and detachable mould, thin-wall sieries is extremely suitable for environmental restrictions and mountain roads conditions.

In addition, because of its thin-wall characteristics(the wall thickness is 3/4 of the conventional series), its drilling speed has also been greatly improved, usually 1.3 times of the conventional series.

At the exhibition, a lot of customers interested in our thin-wall products. The result of this exhibition is satisfactory. Congratulations on the success of our exhibition!